Turnkey solutions

Thanks to its network of partners, subsidiaries and local experts, SYLENE is well placed to bid for national and international tenders.

The company can bring together all the skills required to carry out projects in joint ventures. These consortiums offer expertise in different areas, such as civil, mechanical, hydro, electrical and automation engineering, to make the most of local skills.

Within these groups of companies, and usually leading them, SYLENE manages projects from its engineering offices and then manufactures the required electrical cabinets. These are commissioned on site by our teams of engineers. Training the local operators is also an integral part of our service.

For projects carried out in Africa, with the support of our subsidiaries and our partners, we strengthen our collaborative approach towards developing countries by ensuring a North-South transfer of knowledge.

SYLENE puts all of its skills and expertise at its clients' service to offer a turnkey solution and guarantee optimum satisfaction!